Comprises of 20 very practical and synergistically integrated key methods required to strengthen the organization’s delivery system, focusing on making products and services better, faster and cheaper. ­

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About Dr. Yoshiyuki Koabayashi

President of PPORF Development Institute Inc.                                                                                                                

  • Dr. Yoshiyuki Kobayashi is a prominent figure in the field of Production Development and Workplace Improvements and President of PPORF ((“Practical Program of Revolution in Factories) Development Institute Inc. Dr. Kobayashi holds a PHD degree in Engineering and brings experience of over 30 years. Following on his late father’s steps; Iwao Kobayashi author and creator of 20 keys he made significant contributions and provided consultations to recognized companies in Japan, US, Germany, South Africa, China and Mexico in various industrial and manufacturing fields including electric, food among others. 


"It is important that all employees work for one integrated goal based on understanding company strategy. This helps to achieve continuous growth of company in the current fast changing economic environment.However, it is always difficult to achieve productivity improvement and quality improvement at the same time. Since employees working for factories tend to feel only factories are blamed, it is not easy to work as one team to achieve company’s goal.
Welcome Note from Dr. Kobayashi

3 decades have passed since the creation of the approach known as PPORF (“Practical Program of Revolution in Factories). During this time, PPORF, also known as 20 Keys, has been successfully implemented in a large number of organizations in Japan and worldwide, in various industries. The PPORF 20 Keys approach offers companies a proven methodology to assess the health of their manufacturing and services operations and to systematically improve it, level by level, through 20 different but interrelated aspects (“Keys”). 

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20 Keys enables everyone to have a common understanding of the current level of the Company in comparison with all other companies in the world

1 Cleaning and Organising to Make Work Easy
2 Rationalising the System / Goal Alignment
3 Small Group Activities

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 Key 1. Cleaning and Organising The main objective of Key 1 is to make work place more safe and efficient by creating organised and clean work place that all the people are proud of. This leads to energised work teams, improved motivation and production. Key 2.
Goal Alignment Key 2 focuses on having an effective organisation structure, with goal alignment at all levels; managerial, supervisory, workers etc. Within the structure the varios work groups are organised as “Mini Busineses” or MB’s. Each MB is guided by Quality , Cost, Delivery,Safety and Morale performance indicators (QCDSM measures)

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Some reviews "This is the first work I have read that sets a structure and framework for organizations to follow if they wish to revolutionize the workplace. Kobayashi has removed the mystery of how to accomplish major improvement in a business. His insight is true genius!" • --John Sutter, VP of Manufacturing, National Rubber Company, Inc.
"An extraordinarily powerful book...pulls together all the strands of world class manufacturing into a package which is readily understandable at all levels of an organization. By using simple drawings Kobayashi truly demonstrates that 'every picture speaks a thousand words' and in the process produces a methodology which ensures that everyone will work together for the common good. Not only does it inspire; it also shows how to achieve. --Peter D. Wickens, Centre for Achievement in Manufacturing Management, University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

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